Areas of Focus


Areas of focus

My passion covers Entertainment, Sports, and Lifestyle



While my interests in entertainment mainly revolve around movies, television, and music, I do also stay up to date on standup comedy, video games, and podcasts, including Jalen and Jacoby, Brilliant Idiots, KFC Radio, Zach Lowe, and Bill Simmons.  Visit my blog, The Dean’s List, to read recent blogs.



I began my blogging career covering the Washington Wizards, but over time I’ve expanded my sports writing to include other teams and leagues, focusing mostly on the NBA, NFL, and College Football and Basketball.  With the move to New Orleans, I began to cover more local sporting events as well, attending Saints games in the Superdome, Pelicans games at the Smoothie King Center, and taking some trips down the road to Death Valley to watch the Tigers.  To learn, view my previous blogs on the archives page by clicking below.



From Wikipedia: “The term lifestyle can denote the interests, opinions, behaviors, and behavioral orientations of an individual, group, or culture.”  It also refers to a fire song by Rich Gang.  When I look at lifestyle though, it has more meaning looking at basic everyday questions, human efficiency, local culture.  It’s part of the reason I moved to New Orleans, and a huge reason why I’ve stayed.  The Dean’s List covers both Lifestyle and Entertainment.  Click the link below to see recent posts.