About Ryan Eugene

I’ve always been passionate about writing, whether it was creative writing in high school and college, my high school newspaper the Augur Bit, a sports journalism camp, Wiz of Awes and The Great Wall of Chinatown, my current NBA Blogs to which I regularly contribute.  I’ve also always been passionate about music, movies, sports and television, so I figured why not combine them all and make myself a website?  It works better than a business card, and gives me another place to put my content.  On the site you’ll find more about my areas of focus or passion, an entertainment and lifestyle blog, an archive of my sports blogs, more info on my professional experience, and links to other blogs on which I write. 

Currently I am residing in New Orleans, LA, I create unique content on Sports, Entertainment, and Lifestyle.  Previously, I was editor of two NBA Blogs covering the Washington Wizards for Wiz of Awes and The Great Wall of Chinatown. Within the Greater New Orleans Region, I am a follower of NOLA culture, including festivals, food, music, nightlife, sports, and tourism.  During the day, I am a marketing manager for a hotel in New Orleans.  In May 2019 I graduated with a M.S. in Communications from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. Learn more about my experience on LinkedIn.

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A Washington Wizards news and opinions site brought to you by the FanSided Network and Time, Inc. dedicated to providing top-notch Wizards news, views, and original content. From May 2017 to July 2017 I was site editor, and managed the site’s Facebook and Twitter pages, before beginning graduate school.


The Great Wall of Chinatown is a community for Washington Wizards and NBA fans to come and discuss the greatness of the Wizards, the National Basketball Association, and all that is John Wall. Co-founded with Charlie Gibson.