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Imagine Your Future Career

For our final weekly blog post we were tasked with imagining our future career through the lens of emerging technologies. We learned so much about new and emerging technologies this term there are a vast assortment of possibilities to use in future careers. From a broad standpoint, I see myself eventually becoming the Director of Marketing or Director of Communications for a company. I’ve always loved writing and storytelling, and these careers align well with that interest. The ability to tell a company’s story through written material, audio, and video is great, but as we’ve learned there are many ways to be a cutting edge company and lead a transition in what is considered “normal.”

I see drones becoming more and more a part of marketing. It gives businesses a great ability to showcase an enticing visual component. Hotels can show the beauty of the outside of the property. Parks can show how much land they truly have to offer to hikers, campers, and fishermen. A zoo can show the variety of animals and their enclosures, while also showing any events that take place there. As the Director of Marketing, I would be tasked with creating a shot list for the drone operator, ensuring that our money is best spent and the video is done well in one take.

More than anything, I think it will be important to stay up to date on emerging technologies. No matter the company I work at, I will have budget restrictions that keep me from full trying out every new platform. It will be important to do research, watch videos, and find studies that show the possibilities for return on investments from new platforms.

Other emerging technologies I see myself using are voice speakers like Amazon Echo, 360 video to report on how consumers will interact with our business, and potentially sound sensors to know how our events are going.


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