The possibilities with VR are endless. Strapping a 360 video camera to your dog’s harness can show a view from the dog’s perspective and show some of his/her daily life. A 360 camera held during a music festival would truly immerse the audience in the experience and allow people the chance to be a part of events they can’t attend for whatever reason.

It’s amazing how beautiful VR videos have become in the last few years. The technology is not only in HD, but cameras are cheaper than ever. The barrier to entry is small, allowing individuals to become digital media creators. We can be bigger reporters than ever before.

While 360 video has great capabilities, I still think there is a need to better market it. The mainstream public doesn’t watch 360 videos, despite there being plenty of Youtube to view for free. If TVs had 360 capability the number of users would increase greatly. Additionally, if VR headsets were packaged with cell phones (Samsung VR with Samsung Galaxy, etc.) the number of users would increase substantially.

As a creator, I’d be interested in using VR to tell the story of homelessness in New Orleans. There are a great number of people who sleep under the I-10 overpass in downtown New Orleans and despite efforts by the city, not much has seemingly been done to help the people. For stretches of the city you can go only a block between seeing panhandlers. A viral story covering what it’s like to actually live on the streets could help lead a movement for better support from the public. From sun up to sundown, a 16 hour story in the day of the life of the New Orleans homeless would be very eye-opening.


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