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Week 7 – Field Test Status

For my field test I have decided to use a drone, as I have long been interested in recording video from all heights and angles. I purchased this drone recently and am excited to try it out. I am having trouble getting the propellers to spin currently, which is causing frustration, but that is part of the frustrations field tests can cause. I guess it’s better that this is happening now rather than later.

My current focus with the project is to video a building during the course of a day/week and shine more light into what the wear and tear it receives, as well as its foot traffic. While I haven’t decided on a building, I have some ideas of buildings in downtown New Orleans, but need to do more research into the local drone laws, especially concerning the downtown area. While it would be easier to film drone video Uptown, the high-rise buildings downtown create more interesting visuals to me.

My focus has changed over the last two weeks. I began wanting to cover large events in the city, specifically a day of Saints tailgating. The way New Orleanians tailgate is fascinating to watch. Thousands of people descend on the streets of downtown New Orleans packing restaurants and bars, drinking in the street, riding party buses, and more. From above it would be much easier to tell the story of what the day in the life of a Saints tailgate party truly is.

While I still am excited by the idea, drone rules stipulate not flying over people, and considering my issues with propeller blades thus far I’m not interested in having the drone die a hundred feet above a crowd. With the building idea I can film video from a few parking lots around a building. I’m excited to continue with my building idea, as i’ve long been interested real estate and economic development. We have about one month left in the course, so it’s almost field testing time!

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