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Week 5 Blog Post – Reality Capture

Reality capture techniques are pretty impressive. Despite my interest in emerging technologies, I had not done much research into reality capture apps. I tested one out using my King Cake Baby bobblehead, and let’s just say the 3D model didn’t do it justice. It was missing both legs, had a cone shaped head, and other issues with it. But our professor’s model of himself was extremely impressive. For his he used something called a structure sensor which gave extremely detailed 3D models. When the model is done well, it truly is remarkable. The fact that software allows you to mark the models wrists, elbows, knees, and other body parts allowing for animation of walking or dancing was cool as well.

While the models were intriguing, I did have a hard time thinking of applications in the journalism world. The Smithsonian’s 3D digitization program is a great application. It allows people all over the world to interact with artifacts in the gallery, and learn interactive facts. 3D models also help them to store designs of artifacts in case the originals are damaged or sold and replicas need to be created.

The Smithsonian apparently plans to create 3D models of its entire collection which is estimated to take 100-200 years! I’d imagine over that time frame technology would change so much to either make the need for 3D models obsolete, or speed up the process, but it’s a great goal to set as a leading educational organization.

Assuming I stay in Marketing, this could be very helpful in using towards a company’s campaign. Creating a 3D model of the hotel I work at would be interesting. It would require a lot of different photo angles from a drone, but would separate the hotel amongst the competition. Additionally, it could be an alternative to 3d floorplans that people have access to before booking a hotel room.

If I did use this technology, I believe it would allow readers to better analyze key evidence in a story ( think criminal trial). Success could be measured through sentiment analysis from readers, and comments between competing news articles.

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