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Week 1 Blog Post – Emerging Media Platforms

In Week 1 of Emerging Media platforms we discussed many different newer technologies that impact the daily lives of journalists, students, marketers, and people of many different industries. We spoke about drones, which were a popular choice among the class for potential field tests later in the course. Although I have not used a drone to film an event or take pictures, my previous company Audubon Nature Institute had a drone that the videographer used to take many great aerial shots during the main fundraiser, Whitney Zoo-To-Do. Drones are a great way of giving a better representation of the true size of an event or gathering of people. The greatness of bird’s-eye view, combined with the realness of 3D footage, makes using a drone a great option.

Outside of the video options, I’m really interested in drones because of a main use that China has recently rolled out. In an effort to minimize pollution, China has begun using fleets of drones to do aerial light shows. A company recently set the world record, using 1,374 drones in its light show.

Whether I assisted in bringing that technology to the United States is still to be seen, but between this, filming events, and drones delivering packages or pizza, I think eventually I will have first hand experience with the unmanned aerial vehicles.

In addition to drones, we discussed the increased use of VR, 360 video, AR, blockchains, and image recognition. I currently work in marketing at a New Orleans hotel, and can certainly say that 360 video and VR would have a place in the industry. Many hotels already have 360 walk-throughs of rooms and banquet halls available, and VR would certainly help in the sales process, especially with large groups traveling from all around the world to stay with us. A salesperson being able to send them a virtual walk-through would seemingly decrease the barrier to entry that is involved with needing to fly into town to see the space for the first time.

Augmented reality could also help by allowing people to virtually add an event booth into a meeting space, or signs and posters into the restaurant lobby that could be reserved. Altering colors and lighting would assist big groups and truly be a unique selling proposition that caters to the more luxury clientele.

Currently non of these technologies really affect my job. While they are available, the cost is still pretty high, and the target demographic of my specific hotel is not necessarily a match for these emerging technologies. As the years go on though, our guests will become more tech savvy, and offer reasoning to enter into these technologies. I will say, it does help that I live in New Orleans, where it seems the drone laws are pretty relaxed. Filming Mardi Gras from the rooftop pool or above Canal Street.

I’m excited for the future of the technology industry, and the class in general. The field test we complete during the course requires us to investigate one of these emerging technologies and test the possibilities, while reporting back on them afterwards. I’m not exactly sure what I will test yet, but drones and AR are probably at the top of my list. Recently, I’ve seen many Amazon ads showing off the new AR technology in the app that lets you “test out” furniture, by opening your camera and digitally placing the object in your room. You can see if it fits, matches your color scheme, and which room it is best suited for. This technology has a lot of potential in general life, as people seemingly would love to try on shirts, shoes, hats, and more digitally.

One week down, ten to go, a lot of learning, and I’ll be reporting back next week on the “Innovator’s Dilemma.”

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