The Many Creative Uses for Photo Pillows

As the seasons change, I’ve spent much time looking across the web for gifts for my parents. With birthdays in February and April, and then Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, it seems I’ve been searching “Best Gifts for Mom” and “Best Gifts for Dad” more times than I’ve been to the gym despite it being on my New Years Resolutions List for the fifth year in a row. My parents are big into photography, hoping to soon launch their own small business, and finding gifts in that industry to spark their creative ideas is always important. Recently, conveniently while job searching, I came across Collage.com, where they offer photo imprinting on seemingly anything imaginable. This leads me to pillows, which despite limited actual use outside of the bedroom, are still some of the best gifts available. What mother wouldn’t want to see a picture of her child or the family laying on the couch every time she steps foot into the living room. But as is the case, we always want to invent the new trend. How about instead of a picture that could easily go on a frame on the table, adding state specific slogans? Like “Laissez Bon Temps Roule” for those who live in Louisiana. “Let the Good Times Roll” with the Os as photographs of the family members would make the design more suited to my family as I look for creative gifts based on Louisiana. After living in the state for four years, the gift ideas are slowing down, and I assume the same case can be made for people living in other states who moved after graduating college. The number of designs possible for pillow cases are extraordinary, and Collage.com seems to have the manpower and capital to advance our gift making ideas in the years to come! So check them out!

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