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My Impressions from Working with WordPress

I’ve used WordPress for two personal blogs, this and, as well as some for work in my time at an internet marketing agency. While I’ve used it primarily for my personal blogs, I’ve seen the power of WordPress for business as well. I love the ease and simplicity it offers, along with the assortment of widgets and design options. There are hundreds of free and paid template options, and it’s well-integrated with other services. I tried Squarespace as well, but the backend was too simplified. There were occasions where I couldn’t format a page how I liked, or certain features wouldn’t work from time to time. So I downloaded the website and moved it over to WordPress.

I believe WordPress can be used for all sizes of websites, and it clearly is as one of the top CMS options for businesses. Cons of WordPress could be some options that it doesn’t have that I’ve desired. The main one would be automating hyperlinks via advanced code. Maybe it was possible, but with limited experience, I wouldn’t be able to write CSS for it. When blogging about the Wizards, I had to hyperlink the first instance of a player’s name, and spent hours during my time as editor finding links on basketball reference and adding to stories. If I could have added a code to do that it would have been very helpful. On a lesser note, I also have to check a box every time I want a link to open in a new tab, which is time-consuming as well.

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