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Week 10 Blog Reflection: What Does the Future of Communications Look Like?

With our case studies and presentations due next week, this was the last class session with back and forth discussion. We spent the majority of class pondering what the future of digital media will be in 10 years. The common trends we anticipate are even more personalization and customization, VR technology to take off, further integration of voice command, and holograms.

As we’ve seen in the last 10 years, technologies have been created and converged, and new social media and platforms have emerged.  Two areas I specifically brought up are voice command and projections/holograms. Of course we have Siri and Alexa, but many new smart TVs come with voice command, while companies are starting to roll out technology that can project a touchscreen onto any surface.

Our professor mentioned that he had recently seen a commercial for a voice activated washing machine. He went on to say how it seems like soon everything in the home we’ll be voice activated and we won’t know how to use our hands. That’s not too absurd to think, based on how we’re trending.

We left class with two questions. What are some movies that have correctly predicted the future of today? What are some movies of today that you think make good predictions about the future of communications?

What are some expectations you have of the future of communications?



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